Journey Management Policy & Procedures

As part of employees and contractors’ duties with SWQ Training they may need to travel some considerable distances. SWQ Training places great emphasis on Journey Management. It is important from a safety perspective (WH&S legislation) that we know when and where all workers are at all stages of their journey. This gives us a starting point in planning any response to unforeseen events.

When notifying the trainers/assessors notified of upcoming training the co-ordinator will advise them of all particulars including:

  • the training to be conducted
  • location of the training and date and time of the training
  • any other training considerations particular to the client and the training to be conducted (eg. site rules, participant needs, resources available)

All employees, including contract trainers/assessors and office staff must follow the procedures set out below when travelling distances greater than 50 km from Toowoomba.


All Trainers/assessors and office staff are required to send a text message to the Training Co-ordinator’s mobile phone number: 0400 489 289 notifying the training co-ordinator of the following particulars:

  1. Time of departure from home location to mobilise to a SWQ Training job or other activity.
  2. Time of arrival at the destination (Training site, Camp, Hotel, or other location).
  3. Time of departure from the location to mobilise to another SWQ Training job/activity at a different site or to return home.
  4. Time of arrival at the next training location or home location.

SWQ Training also advises that, at their discretion, trainers/assessors and office staff, may send extra messages during rest breaks etc. when travelling on long journeys.

Journey Preparations

Prior to planning the journey consideration should be given to the distance, road conditions, weather and mode of transport. If travelling by road the number of hours on duty and the return trip should take into account. If the total time is excessive then extended rest /break may be required (overnight stay). Night Driving is prohibited.

Pre-start vehicle checks on the vehicle prior to commencing the journey must be undertaken. All employees, including contract trainers/assessors are required to make all the necessary checks before starting the journey. Salaried employees’ vehicles are fitted with In Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS). All journeys are monitored and computerised records are maintained by the SWQ Training Pty Ltd Manager. These vehicles are used for travelling to and from Santos and Origin work sites and any other work sites that require vehicles to be fitted with IVMS.

SWQ Training has a separate vehicle check lists in each vehicle. Checks must be done at least weekly and a copy is forwarded to management for filing. All maintenance is maintained by SWQ Training management. A separate maintenance schedule for each vehicle is monitored and updated by management.